Practice Character – Fallout 3: Lone Wanderer

After creating the artwork based around the character I created in Grand Theft Auto V, I decided to work on a piece of artwork based around another character I built in a game, this time from Fallout 3 (Bethesda, 2008)


Overall, I think this is the best piece of artwork I have produced so far.  I think that the shading I have done to the character looks fairly good.  My only major complaint would be that compared to how the armour looks in the game, the boots are a little small and the glove doesn’t have as much detail as in the game.



Practice Character – Grand Theft Auto V: Online


This is a piece of artwork that I did based around a character I made in Grand Theft Auto V: Online.  I decided to create a piece of art based around this character simply so I had more practice work in my portfolio.  I may also do the same for other characters I make in other games such as Dark Souls and The Elder Scrolls.

Practice Character – Woman with a Gun

As part of the summer break, I have decided to take the time and work on my personal skills designing and developing characters, while also trying out some different ways of creating characters.  While this is the second character I have worked on so far, it is the first that I have actually finished.  Originally intended to be an idea generated for my final major project, I have decided to class it as my second practice character because of how I tried out a different technique to make it.

The technique I used was inspired by the video ‘TOP FIVE TIPS for Digital Drawing and Design’ by the YouTube channel ‘Draw with Jazza’ where he detailed some of the steps he took from other artists to create a final product.


I started by creating a bunch of different Silhouettes and deciding which I preferred.  I found numbers 1, 3 and 4 to be the ones that court my eyes since they were all fairly dynamic and showed the personality of the character a lot better than the rest other 3.


The next step I took before deciding to try out the technique I later used was to create a bunch of identical line drawings and to add colour to them.  However, once I did this I decided to change techniques to see how fast it was to create a final piece compared to work I had done previously.



I started by taking a silhouette I liked (silhouette number 3) and placing it into another file.  Afterwords I drew a line drawing over the silhouette to give an idea of how the features of the image should look such as eyes, nose, mouth and bow.  I also decided to alter the image so that the character was holding a different weapon to the one that silhouette previously had.  Afterwords, I started to apply different shades of grey over the silhouette to try and define the characters shape and to add additional detail the silhouette.  Once I was happy with shading, I started to place colour over the image and then applying a linear burn.  Finally, I added some some shading to the background to cause the character to stand out.  Practice_Work_1


More Level Work

So, because of the deadline coming in fast, I decided to make a Google Doc to keep an eye on how many days I had until the deadline so that I could have some idea of what I needed to do for all of my projects.  I did this a few weeks ago but neglected to mention it because I forgot.


I am basically treating it like it is some kind of tick list to ensure that I know what I need to do and to hand it in.

That aside, I have done some more work on the level this week.  I was having issue on deciding how the level should look, especially with trees.  In the end, I decided to do some additional sketches for the level.  The first was a paint over of the overall level to give a strong idea of how the level should look.


I did this in Photoshop as a way to ensure that I had an idea of how the level should look atmospherically.  Overall, I think the concept art looks a lot better then I initially thought it would.  The only things I would change is the texture on the rocks and the Ferris Wheel.


This is some of the designs I did for the building in the level since I needed to have some kind of idea of how the building should look before it is finalized, textured and rendered out.


More work on Character Models and Level


Since the last update, I have started work on the second character simply because I need to get a move on when it comes to creating the final character models.  This character is based around the concept art I did for the main character.  These are the low poly models of the character.

I have also taken the model into ZBrush and worked on it to make it higher poly and to add additional detail to it.


So far the modeling process is going well, with the amount of detail in ZBrush having improved since the last model.  My only major problem is with the coat.  I  would like to change some of the ways in which it has been designed simply because of the lack of buttons used to close the thing.  This would mean removing on of the pieces of triangular fabric going down the coat.


This is a render of the characters face that I did.  I still need to make some improvements like defining her jawline more and adding a few little details such as scars.  I am also not too sure about her lips.  There is something about them that seem ‘off’ to me.  I would also like to add more detail to the characters hair.

Final_Renders.pngFinal_Princess_DesignsI have also finalized the Princes characters model by adding some additional detail to her gloves such as the tape in the original design and added creases to the gloves to make them look more like fabric.  I am quite proud of this effort.  As a first time character model in ZBrush, I think it looks pretty good.




Something else I have been working on is the designs for the level.  I have, up until this point, neglected to do much with the level.  So to get started I worked on the level Greybox since I was having a little trouble trying to create a piece of concept art for the level.


I also added lights into the scene to give myself some reference when it comes to creating concept art for the level.  So far, the grey box looks alright and can be used in future development to create a much more detailed version of how the level should look.





Level Thumbnails


These are some level thumbnails that I designed for the level I am creating in BAGA 202.  The level is based around a decrepit theme park.  The main goal surrounding these thumbnails is to try and create level thumbnails to a better quality then the ones I created in year 1.  To do this I used different opacitties for the brush to try and create a foggy lighting effect.  This was successful.


These are the three different designs that I like from the thumbnails that I developed.  Overall, I like the atmosphere and the tone along with the use of sky.


Main Character Design


This is the character silhouettes that I did for the main protagonist.  The main inspiration for the character came from previous sketches I did before I had started thinking about how the level should look.  Overall, I prefer these silhouettes to the ones I did for the princess character simply because they are much cleaner and took less time to make.



After designing the silouettes, I decided to work on making some quick sketches on how the character should look without faces.  My reason for doing this is simply down to the fact that I wanted to know what kind of clothing she should wear.  Overall, I like the first character I designed.


Character Concept Art: The Princess (2)

The next step in creating the Princess character was to design the face and the makeup that I could use for the character.  From the research that I previously did into character design with the outfit for the character, I had a general idea over how I wanted the makeup to look on the character.  I also did a bit of research into different game characters or images from games that inspired me in making the character.  I also looked into different blood textures for any blood details that I may want to use on the characters face.

For the most part the inspiration that I drew from these images was the idea of blood on the characters face, especially with the character art of Elisabeth from Bioshock: Infinite.  I also liked the wide mouth that Mileena from Mortal Kombat 9 has since it looks menacing and creepy.  Finally, I like the dark eyes used for Alice from Alice: Madness Returns.  From this, I started coming up with different makeup ideas.


My goal for this compilation of facial designs was to try and experiment with different jaw lines, lip sizes and eye sizes while also using the time to practice drawing character faces, since I haven’t had that much experience doing so in the first place.  I also wanted to experiment with different hair ideas and makeup ideas to try and give a general idea over how the character’s face should look.  Overall, I think that some faces are more successful than others.

character_face_designs_individual_image_4 I decided to look up techniques as to how you could draw faces on YouTube.  There was one specific video that helped in drawing faces. (  It basically outlined how you could place different items on the characters face.  I feel that I still have some improving to do when it comes to drawing faces and may need to practice more in the future.


final_princess_design_2.pngFirst ideas.

These were the first ideas I had for the Princess.  My goal was to come up with a dress design that fit the character I was creating, using the color red because it better represents blood and using grey because grey doesn’t stand out on the character.  Overall there were aspects of these dresses I liked, especially the one on the right.  I liked the cut out tear-drops around her neck and the piece of cloth that swirls around the dress.  The character on the left, I like the length of her gloves and the fact that the dress has sleeves.





This is the final character idea that I had.  While it isn’t quite a T-Pose, I will probably use this design as a basis for the character since it looks detailed enough to give the impression of what the character is supposed to look like.


Character Concept Art: The Princess (1)

For my level creation project, I have decided to create a level themed around an old, abandoned theme park taken over by a bunch of nightmarish renditions of old, Theme Park mascots.  While thinking of different Theme Parks around the world, my mind went to Disneyland since Disneyland is usually described in advertisements as a land made up of dreams or something along those lines.  While thinking of Disneyland and Disney in general, I came to the conclusion that one of the nightmarish residents of the Theme Park will have to be a princess to fill the woman quota of enemies in the level.


This is a the moldboard that I have drawn some inspiration for my characters from.  I was mostly looking for clothing designs, along with some hair designs that I could use in for my initial character ideas.  I also decided to look at some characters that had already been designed by other game companies such as Ophelia from Brutal Legend (Double Fine, 2009) and Elzabeth from Bioshock: Infinite (Irrational Games, 2013).  What I mostly liked was the bold reds that were used in some of the dresses.  Some of the conotations of red is blood and death which fits well with the character that I am destining.  I also like the blood splatted dress design that is used in the City Elf Origin concept art for Dragon Age: Origins (Bioware, 2009).  The third thing that drew my attention was the way Ophelia’s dress from Brutal Legend looked.  I like the use of torn cloth to create an inky black look on the character.


This is some of the original sketches that I did in Adobe CS6 Photoshop.  These are the basic outlines of how I wanted the princess to look.  The sketches were done quickly to avoid wasting too much time on designing the character.  In the end, I really liked the final character design I made.  From here I took that design into another file and started adding finer details.


From the initial ideas that I had, I decided to create this character.  My favorite part of this design is the eyes.  I like the use of red to create the impression that the character is crying blood.  I also like the redness of the eyes.  It makes the character look demonic.  I also like the flower in her hair.  After doing research of flowers usually related to death, I came across the white lotus flower.  I thought it would be cool to add that into her hair for those who understand the meaning behind the flower.  Some of the things I dislike is the lack of mouth and the axe, witch I feel is a little too big for the character.  I also like how much attention to detail I have put into the shading of the clothing.  I just feel as if I should put more attention to detail on the character.

While working on my first character design, I ended up having a presentation from Henry South who showed us how to do more professional Silhouettes of characters for concept art, I decided to redo some of my old character design.  I also felt that this was a way to create more work for my portfolio that would look a little more professional than before.


These are the character silhouettes for the princess.  I decided to play around with different weapon ideas, mostly staves and swords with a few guns and axes.  The idea was to create a few professional looking character silhouettes for my portfolio.  For the most part, I don’t think I added much new to the character ideas.  I think that I prefer the smaller weapons for the character since it fits with the small frame that the character has.


These are the design ideas that I got from the Silhouettes.  The main purpose of these images is to create a frame of reference when it comes to designing and creating the final character, to play around with color (mostly red’s and purples) and to give a general idea over what works and what doesn’t work with the character.

Character_Designs_Individual_Image_(1).pngThis design was the first character design I created.  It depicts a brunette woman in a red dress holding a sword with a long handle, that may or may not look like a spear.  With it being the first design, I identified a few things I didn’t like about the character.  Firstly, during this stage of design, I decided against drawing faces.  I kept hers as an example of my progression as a designer.  Secondly I don’t like how bright the red is on her dress.  It looks too warm and welcoming rather than capturing the coldness of the character that I was trying to create.

Character_Designs_Individual_Image_(2).pngThis is the second character design that I created.  The image shows a woman in a red dress holding a hand Axe.  Originally the character was going to have a full, completely undamaged dress until I decided that it would be interesting to make the characters dress look as if it was ripped to make it look like blood.  I also decided to remove one of the sleeves of the character and replace it with the binding effect that I created with the initial clown character design.  Overall, I think this is an improvement over the previous character design since the red used in it is not as bright and fits the character better.



The third character design depicts a woman in a grey/purple dress, with long red hair holding a dagger and sword.  With this character, I decided to move away from the red dresses and to go for a colder color for. I decided to make her hair red since I still wanted some kind of blood colored aspect to the character.  I also decided to add more tape bindings to try and create a patchwork like look to the character.  Overall, I do like the color scheme with the red working well with the greyish purple.  I also like the weapons used in it.  With the sword and dagger she looks more nimble than the previous characters.

Character_Designs_Individual_Image_(4).pngFor the fourth character, I decided to depict the prices as a woman with short hair in a red dress holding a gun.  Like with the second character design, I like the use of the color red since it is dark and does fit the character pretty well.  I also seem to like the warm black hair the character has since it continues the dark atmosphere that I am going for with the character.  As far as her weapon goes, I am not too sure if I like the gun.  As a projectile weapon that could be deployed in certain circumstances, maybe.  My problem could be how the arm of the character doesn’t look as if its holding the gun straight, making the character look slightly unprofessional and handling firearms.  I also like the white corset since it stands out among the dark colors.

Character_Designs_Individual_Image_(5).pngWith the fifth character, I decided it to try out the cold colors again, giving the character a purple dress with long, black hair.  The pose the character is in is probably the largest pose any of the character designs I have created is using to the point where I actually like the way it looks.  The silhouette of the character (not the one on the right) gives a good impression over how the character is supposed to look in game, meaning that the design is completely recognizable in what it is doing.  The color scheme is alright too.  I do like the way I have stuck the bindings on the characters gloves rather than on the characters sleeves this time around.  In fact, the characters sleeves are relatively short compared to previous ones.

Character_Designs_Individual_Image_(6).pngThe next character that I designed took elements from the second character design and the fifth character design.  This time around the image depicts a grey/white haired woman who’s dress is decorated with red ripped cloth having been placed over it.  She is also holding two daggers.  The goal of this character was to marry the purple and red to create a character with a blood like motif over the dress.  Overall I am conflicted over whether or not this idea works.  Is cool and looks nice, but does it look psychotic princess enough.  I also like the purple flower in her hair, which I took from my first design of the character.  character_designs_individual_image_7

This is the seventh character design that I created.  This character depicts a blonde woman with a red dress, holding a sword and stave.  Some of the new elements that I added into this image is the spiky collar and blonde hair.  I also tried to give her a tiara but it ended up looking like a sold iron band.  The collar worked well with the character I think.  I also like the sword she is holding however, I am not too happy with the stave.  Overall though, I don’t think I added that much to the character that I could really point out and say it worked or not.

character_designs_individual_image_8 This is the eighth and final initial character design I created.  It depicts a blonde woman in a plain purple dress holding a giant scythe.  Admittedly by this character I started running out of ideas and patients to continue designing for the day.  It is the plainest of all the characters and looks very boring.  I do like the contrast in color between the characters blonde hair and her purple dress.  I also like the giant scythe.  However, compared to the previous characters designs I have created, it isn’t my favorite.

Overall, I think that I have done enough work on the character designs that I can now take the ideas and start thinking about the way the final character should look, while also thinking about facial features such as makeup and her hair color.

Ophelia – Double Fine, (2009), Brutal Legend, Electronic Arts
Elisabeth Comstock – Irrational Games, (2013), Biosock: Infinite, 2K Games
Cainhurst Ghost Concept Art – From Software, (2015), Bloodborne, Sony Computer Entertainment
City Elf Concept Art – Bioware, (2009), Dragon Age: Origins, Electronic Arts
Queen Victoria Taking the Oath – George Hayter
Princess Elisabeth – William Scrots, (1546-7)
The Earnest Portrait – Nicolas Hilliard, (1585)
(The rest of the images in the Moodboard are from various stores around the internet.  I just can not seem to find the designer of any of them)




Practice Character Design 1

For this design, I was given the change to randomly generate a brief for a character that I would have to draw.  The brief I got was an Undead Victorian Musketeer with an hourglass figure and antlers, which uses a hammer as a weapon and has a dinosaur companion.  Since I had more information on the character, not the dinosaur, I decided to avoid using that in the brief and just design the main character the description was describing.  These are some of my initial ideas, along with a sketch of the final idea:

Practice character 4.png

The reason why I went with a female character rather than a male character is simply because from the description I had a better idea over how the character should look.  Some of my original ideas had her holding a sledgehammer, however I decided to go for a small hammer usually used for iron works because it fit with the idea of a nimble musketeer.  The main inspiration for the characters clothing mostly comes from the game Bloodborne by From Software.  The character that inspired me the most was Lady Maria.  I liked the way her armour looked, with the shoulder cape and the long coat.  With the main characters face I decided to take away part of her skin to better symbolise the character being undead.  Even her hair is raggedy, short and patchy to represent the idea that the character is a walking, decaying corpse.

This is the final character design:


Personally, I like how this character turned out.  While adding colour to the image, I decided to get rid of the hair from the character.  My reason for doing this was simply because I prefer how the character looks without the hair.  Since the description didn’t talk about the length of hair or the style of hair, I decided to get rid of it.  The colour scheme of the character that I went with was mostly grey, brown, maroon and red since she is a Victorian Musketeer and Britain didn’t develop bright dyes for clothes until the 1990’s.  Her skin is pale because I wanted to continue with the theme of the character being undead.  I added additional blood to her coat because it helped show that the character is undead.