My name is Robert William Barrass.  I was born on 13th of January 1995 and raised in Durham, North England.  Since I was young I have wanted to pursue a career in the creative industries.  At first, it was the Car Design industry, then it was Animation, afterwards it was Comics, then Film and finally Games.  This constant change in ideas over what I wanted to do came in part with the different medias I was interested in and the fact I use to draw people getting hung, blown up, mutilated and shot at as a form of self expression when I was 11.

My interest in games came about around the time I got my first PlayStation 1.  I still have fond memories of trying to complete games like Rayman without a memory card or playing splitscreen multiplayer against my sister in Tony Hawk: Pro Skater 4 on my old 18 inch CRT television screen.  For Christmas 2005 I got my first PlayStation 2 along with games such as Grand Theft Auto: San Andrias, TimeSplitters 2 and The Sims.  These games revolutionized the way my 10 year old mind thought about games.  They looked so real and there was just so much freedom in them that it kept me occupied for hours, even if those hours were spent in GTA:SA shooting peoples heads off with a sniper rifle just to watch the little blood water fountain animation that spawns from their neck stump (I spent more time doing that than I should have).  In 2009 I then got my first PlayStation 3 which introduced me to LittleBigPlanet and my first real taste into creating ‘games’.  I spent a good two years playing LittleBigPlanet obsessively, building stuff and playing what others had made.  I was also introduced to games such as The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Fallout: New Vegas and Saints Row 2 which have influenced my personal preference in games over the years.

As far as my educational career has gone for my GCSE’s, outside of English, Mathematics and Science, I studied Art and Design, Electronics, Media Studies and CLAIT In Brynteg, Bridgend, South Wales.  After graduating secondary school, I went on to study Art, Media Studies and I.T for my A Levels in Sixth Form.  Afterwards I went on to get a BTEC Extra Diploma in Interactive Media Level 3 in Bridgend College, South Wales.  Now, I am currently studying Game Arts in Plymouth College of Art.