Personal Reflection and Going into Year 3

Overall, I feel that the work produced this year has been to a better standard then what was produced last year.  My skills with creating characters has definitely improves, so has my use of character silhouettes.  I also feel that if I was to put more work into my level designs, they would look much better then they currently are.

One major aspect about this year that needs to be improved is my time management skills.  A large portion of my problems coming from this year is a lack of planning when it comes to creating artwork for games.  While I say this every year when it comes to time management, it may be useful to set up some kind of document to help manage the amount of time spent working on an aspect of the project.

Another major setback for this year was the lack of home access I had to vital programs such as ZBrush.  With how much time I spent working on the character models and not on the level, I wasted a good few weeks not doing anything constructive to the level work.  This is something that needs to be resolved going into Year 3

Something else I need to start doing is frequently uploading my work to my social medias to expand my audience reach.  It may also be a good idea to actually work on ensuring that my personal development blog is continuously updated and worked on.

Plans for Summer

Given we have around 18 weeks or 126 days, over the Summer break it may be useful to work on some of my skills for next year and to teach my self the software I will need for the project I am planning on.  Some of the tasks I need to do next year are:

Practice Conceptual art for characters and environments

While I am mostly interested in the character aspect of game design, it would be useful to be able to design environments too.  Some of my plans as to how I could improve both of these are:

  • Draw characters with randomly generated character descriptions
  • Draw real people
  • Draw real landscapes
  • Draw character T Poses

Overall, by practicing over the holidays, I will hopefully improve on what I have already done this year.

Practice modeling characters and environments

It may also be important to work on my 3D modeling skills since it seems to be a requirement for the job that I am planning on doing in the future.  This may mean that I will have to buy ZBrush so I have been looking around for the cheapest price for the program.  So far, I have found it going for around £345 for an Educational License and £550 for a Personal Licence.  Getting ZBrush will be useful since I could also use it to help create assets out of classes since that was one of the major setbacks I had this year.

Learn more Unity

While my plans for the future aren’t going to involve much use of Unity as a program, it Character_Ideawould be nice to know the program so that I could create something to display any work I do next year in, rather than just having a static model for people to look at.  I could do this by looking up tutorials on the internet and using them to help build better characters

Work on my ideas

Overall, I don’t have much of an idea of what I would like to build next year.  I have something in mind but nothing concrete just yet.  That is another task I could spend the holiday doing; refining the idea that I currently have.  I have already worked on a little bit of art work based around the idea but aside from that, I still need to work on it.