‘Talking About Your Work With Confidence’ (3E’s)

Overall, the theme going through this presentation is that I need to learn to be more confident about my work.  I need to try and ensure that this confidence comes through in the interactions that others have in my work.  Another point is not to be offended by criticism.  People who are criticizing my work are criticizing my work, not me.  That is, unless they are criticizing me in which case I still shouldn’t get offended.

Body language is also important.  Trying to ensure that I have a stance that looks confident rather than nervous, for example not having my arms in my pocket during a presentation, is something that I need to get good at.

Overall, this is an important thing to learn and will be something I need to work on for a later date.


Visiting Artist – Jack Eves (Rebellion Games) teaches Photobashing

Learned how to use some techniques to photobash in photoshop.  Basically what I learned was that the best way to photobash is to block out the areas that made up the area that you were trying to build using black and white, then to overlay the photos on top of the black and white and add highlights were necessary.

While doing this, I was doing work on my Blue Peter Model for BAGA 201.  Upon reflection, I should have been following along with what he was saying on screen…

‘Pricing Your Work’ (3E’s)

Financial stability is important to running a business, even a business being ran by a single party.  It is important because without finances, the business will collapse and won’t may put the party who owns the business in debt.

Something to take note of is the fact that you need to ensure that you are confident in how you ask for a going rate.  Don’t ask ‘is it okay if you pay…’,  Instead, give a rate firmly but also be willing to negotiate a going rate.  Don’t allow people to walk over you either because if you do, you will find that you are doing more work then you are getting paid for.

How much to charge seems to be based around a few different criteria, being how much you need to live off of and how much the company is willing to pay.  How much you charge can show how much confidence you have in your work but also determine whether or not a lower income business or charity may want to pay you for.  A company worth billions would expect an artist to ask for something large like £1,500 + VAT  where as a charity would only be willing to pay something along the lines of £50 +VAT.

It is also important to ensure that you are asking for what is needed to live.  Without the ability to negotiate a going rate that can cover the basic cost of living, you may not be in role of self employment for long.

There are also multiple ways to finance a business in the UK.  You can go for a direct lone from banks or the government who will expect re-compensation with interest.  You can crowdfund a project with sites like Kickstarter and IndiGoGo and only be beholden to the people who have crowdfunded your project.  You could look for Investors only these people will not only ask for returns on their investment but also in some cases influence the project to ensure that their investment is profitable.  Finally, you can ask friend and family for loans of money.