Level Thumbnails


These are some level thumbnails that I designed for the level I am creating in BAGA 202.  The level is based around a decrepit theme park.  The main goal surrounding these thumbnails is to try and create level thumbnails to a better quality then the ones I created in year 1.  To do this I used different opacitties for the brush to try and create a foggy lighting effect.  This was successful.


These are the three different designs that I like from the thumbnails that I developed.  Overall, I like the atmosphere and the tone along with the use of sky.


Level Presentation (19/01/2017)

On the 19th of January I had to give a presentation on the ideas that I have created for my level for the BAGA 202: Level Creation Project.  Overall, the presentation was 23 slides long, showing the influences for the game that I am creating along with level and enemy designs.

Overall, the presentation was a success in some ways.  some criticism that I would give about the presentation is the fact that I was not confident in the work that I was presenting.  During the presentation I criticised some of my work for not being that good.  However, according to some feedback, I now know that the problem may just be from me being overly critical of my work.

Some of the feedback I got was that the level sketches need to be refined.  Anther piece of feedback I received was that I needed to refine the design for the clown.  Since it is some of the first concept art that I created for the game, the final design looks like its apart of a different game compared to the artwork done for the main character and princess.

Something that was well received was the silhouettes that I created for the main character.   Apparently they look good.  A criticism against my criticism of my skills was that the anatomy of the characters are fine.  Personally, I feel that some of the concept art that has been produced for the main character and the Princess have some proportions that look wrong.  That may just be me being overly critical of my work.

Some research that I was recommended to do was on games such as Mafia 3 and Left 4 Dead 2.

‘The Art of Networking’ (3E’s)

Networking is an important aspect of being an artist.  Networking allows artists to get their artwork out there through different means such as collaborating with other artists or working with different clients, which will then help out artists when it comes to getting further work in whatever industry they may chose to enter.

One way in which someone could network is through the use of social medias such as linked-in and twitter.  Another is by hosting exhibitions of art for people to come and explore.  A final way in which someone could network is through attending big events to try and get in contact with clients.  However, overall networking is important and is something I should consider doing more of than I currently do.

Main Character Design


This is the character silhouettes that I did for the main protagonist.  The main inspiration for the character came from previous sketches I did before I had started thinking about how the level should look.  Overall, I prefer these silhouettes to the ones I did for the princess character simply because they are much cleaner and took less time to make.



After designing the silouettes, I decided to work on making some quick sketches on how the character should look without faces.  My reason for doing this is simply down to the fact that I wanted to know what kind of clothing she should wear.  Overall, I like the first character I designed.

Character Concept Art: The Princess (2)

The next step in creating the Princess character was to design the face and the makeup that I could use for the character.  From the research that I previously did into character design with the outfit for the character, I had a general idea over how I wanted the makeup to look on the character.  I also did a bit of research into different game characters or images from games that inspired me in making the character.  I also looked into different blood textures for any blood details that I may want to use on the characters face.

For the most part the inspiration that I drew from these images was the idea of blood on the characters face, especially with the character art of Elisabeth from Bioshock: Infinite.  I also liked the wide mouth that Mileena from Mortal Kombat 9 has since it looks menacing and creepy.  Finally, I like the dark eyes used for Alice from Alice: Madness Returns.  From this, I started coming up with different makeup ideas.


My goal for this compilation of facial designs was to try and experiment with different jaw lines, lip sizes and eye sizes while also using the time to practice drawing character faces, since I haven’t had that much experience doing so in the first place.  I also wanted to experiment with different hair ideas and makeup ideas to try and give a general idea over how the character’s face should look.  Overall, I think that some faces are more successful than others.

character_face_designs_individual_image_4 I decided to look up techniques as to how you could draw faces on YouTube.  There was one specific video that helped in drawing faces. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dbRMCgtcchw)  It basically outlined how you could place different items on the characters face.  I feel that I still have some improving to do when it comes to drawing faces and may need to practice more in the future.


final_princess_design_2.pngFirst ideas.

These were the first ideas I had for the Princess.  My goal was to come up with a dress design that fit the character I was creating, using the color red because it better represents blood and using grey because grey doesn’t stand out on the character.  Overall there were aspects of these dresses I liked, especially the one on the right.  I liked the cut out tear-drops around her neck and the piece of cloth that swirls around the dress.  The character on the left, I like the length of her gloves and the fact that the dress has sleeves.





This is the final character idea that I had.  While it isn’t quite a T-Pose, I will probably use this design as a basis for the character since it looks detailed enough to give the impression of what the character is supposed to look like.

‘Pro’s and Con’s of Being Self Employed’ (3E’s)

Generally, being self employed means taking full responsibility for your own financial backing when it comes to owning a professional business.  You can chose how you are payed; whether you get paid a flat rate or you get paid by the hour or people pay for the materials used on a project.  There are also some additional benefits to being self employed, for example being able to fully set when your holidays are and having sick leave.  However, the major problem with self employment is that you have to find commissions or work, which means you need to self promote your work.

Visiting Artist – Jack Eaves

The basic gist of this presentation was that the industry is hard to get into and that you should tailor your portfolio to the company that you want to work with.  Also that just because you may apply for a company who’s games you aren’t exactly interested in doesn’t meant that you aren’t going to enjoy working for them.

He also showed off some of his work.  One thing I learned from him was how art is treat in the games industry, than anything designed or made in a design studio is then the property of the company that you created it for.