‘Writing a Perfect Strapline’ (3E’s)

A strapline is a short and snappy piece of advertising for a product to entice the audience to buy the product.  The main goal of a strapline is to trick the audience into believing that the product they are interacting with is somewhat worth the money that is spent on it.  A strapline could also help define what your business is about and what survives you will offer.

It is important to ensure that the strapline is short, snappy and to the point while also being unique.  Having a long strapline would only bore the audience and you need something that will cause the audience to want to interact with the product.

An idea of a strapline I came up with to brand myself is ‘I create weird images so you don’t have to.’  (Okay, I may want to rethink that one at some point.)


Practice Character Design 1

For this design, I was given the change to randomly generate a brief for a character that I would have to draw.  The brief I got was an Undead Victorian Musketeer with an hourglass figure and antlers, which uses a hammer as a weapon and has a dinosaur companion.  Since I had more information on the character, not the dinosaur, I decided to avoid using that in the brief and just design the main character the description was describing.  These are some of my initial ideas, along with a sketch of the final idea:

Practice character 4.png

The reason why I went with a female character rather than a male character is simply because from the description I had a better idea over how the character should look.  Some of my original ideas had her holding a sledgehammer, however I decided to go for a small hammer usually used for iron works because it fit with the idea of a nimble musketeer.  The main inspiration for the characters clothing mostly comes from the game Bloodborne by From Software.  The character that inspired me the most was Lady Maria.  I liked the way her armour looked, with the shoulder cape and the long coat.  With the main characters face I decided to take away part of her skin to better symbolise the character being undead.  Even her hair is raggedy, short and patchy to represent the idea that the character is a walking, decaying corpse.

This is the final character design:


Personally, I like how this character turned out.  While adding colour to the image, I decided to get rid of the hair from the character.  My reason for doing this was simply because I prefer how the character looks without the hair.  Since the description didn’t talk about the length of hair or the style of hair, I decided to get rid of it.  The colour scheme of the character that I went with was mostly grey, brown, maroon and red since she is a Victorian Musketeer and Britain didn’t develop bright dyes for clothes until the 1990’s.  Her skin is pale because I wanted to continue with the theme of the character being undead.  I added additional blood to her coat because it helped show that the character is undead.



‘Social Media Your Online Portfolio’ (3E’s)

Social Media

The reason why social media is important is simply because it is a useful tool to be able to get in contact with people around the world.  The internet is a large platform that is useful since it allows creators to publish their work to others.  Some of the more prominent sites are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkdin, Pintrest and Snapchat.  It may be useful to set up professional social networking accounts and to regularly update them.

Online Portfolio

Online portfolios are also important since they allow the user to promote their work.  However, what needs to be remembered when it comes to using online portfolios is that you need to constantly update it with the work you are doing.  Another thing you you need to do is promote the work you are doing to the word.  Use your social medias to do that by asking friends and family to promote you.  Finally, be professional but also ‘natural’.  Don’t try to game the system to get views, just update the work you are doing and respond positively to criticism.

S.W.O.T Analysis


  • 3D Modeling Experience
  • Very Few Limits on What I Will Draw
  • Very Few Mental Triggers
  • Have a Sense of Humor
  • Experience with Photoshop
  • Experience with Professional Word Processing


  • Not Good With Horror
  • Not the Most Talkative Person
  • Get Distracted Easily
  • Detailed 3D Modeling Experience
  • Drawing Experience
  • Makes Constant Spelling Mistakes
  • Can Not Work Once Hands Go Under a Certain Temperature
  • Anxiety (need to see a doctor)
  • Fear of Showing Off my Work
  • Lack of Confidence in Work


  • Work Experience
  • Apprenticeships
  • Game Jam’s


  • Hypermobility
  • Other People With Better Skills
  • Development

‘Your Creative CV’ (3E’s)

Cover Letter

A cover letter is something used to allow the reader to understand what the CV is for.  Keep the cover letter specific to the job that you are applying for while also adding a little personality to it.  The cover letter has to be interesting and engaging.  It needs to draw the reader in to want to read the CV.  Avoid starting with ‘I am writing to…’ or something along those lines.


CV’s are important because they allow to express your experience in and outside of the industry that you chose to be apart of.  It is also a tool to allow your future employer to get a grasp of who you are and could be a tool for getting into they job you want.

What you should put into a CV is anything relevent to the job you are going after.  This includes skills, previous work experience, qualifications, additional training and references both professional and educational.  It may also be useful to place a link to your professional blog, email address and professional social medias.  Presentation of the CV is also important.  Keep it clean and concise and don’t overload it with irreverent information.  Something else that needs to avoided is underselling self.  Also, it needs to be positive.  Don’t leave a list of reasons why you quit your previous jobs and other topics like that.  Finally, avoid listing your previous educational background.  Nobody cares!