Character Design 1

These are just some character designs that I did for a game idea that I may be planning on using.  Not  to sure because of the whole ‘It may not be PC enough’ thing that is going around these days.  But hey, it has a female character in it.  That’s PC, right?

Anyway, these images were produced in Adobe CS6 Photoshop using a Wacom graphics tablet.  The first two images took roughly a day each to finish (not including night time).  The final image took around three days to finish.  The overall goal of these images was to challenge myself to create more complex character designs than I have before, using complex poses inspired by Pinup art, to expand my skills using Photoshop.

Character Design 1.png

pinup2.jpgFor the first image I decided to draw a character wearing a leather trench coat with ripped tights, leather gloves and a corset.  My reason behind this is in keeping with the overall art style I have in mind for the game (which is basically a twisted nightmare composed of different world’s that the player must make their way through).

Overall, as a first attempt I am pretty proud of this one.  Its not perfect by any stretch of the imagination but I feel that I managed to get the lighting on the clothing to look at least decent.  As far as the skeletal structure goes, the character looks fine.  Her hands look normal sized.  Her skin may be a little too pale.  There isn’t much detail in her face, nor is there much depth to the characters facial structure.  I would also say her feet a tad bit too big.

Character Design 2.png

20161025_195956For the second image, I decided to have her lying down.  Overall, before even starting on giving the image more detail I wasn’t too fond of this image.  The skeletal structure that I created before starting on the details of the character just looked wrong.  Her neck of too long, her feet were too long… everything just looked awful.  I thought I could change things while creating the image but nothing really worked.

My biggest criticism of this image is definitely her face.  her eyes look menacing and not in a way that was intended.  Also there is a lack of depth in her face, leading everything to look flat.  Her right hand looks way too big and her right hand looks way too small.  The corset has too little detail on it.  I do like the extra work that went into her tights with the additional strands where the tights have been cut.  Her feet are also way too big.  I also feel as if I may have spent too much time defining her breasts.  Also, from some criticism from friends and family, I have also been lead to believe that I need to do additional work on my shading in the images.  Overall the artwork is not perfect, but its has at least allowed me to see some of my weaknesses in drawing characters.

character 3.png

pinup-3This is the final image that I created and the one that took the longest to create.  The pose its self was something that went through multiple revisions since i was not happy with
where her left leg was in the image.   I also decided to draw her turning her neck to address the viewer to allow me to define the character a little bit more.  I also imported colors from images that were similar to the items that I was using for the character to get more realistic colors to represent those items.

Overall, I think that this is definitely an improvement over the second one, with there being more depth in the characters face.  I also like that her skin color isn’t so pale.  I am not too happy with her left arm and hand and I feel her legs should be a little bit longer.  The sword should be thicker too since the blade looks as if it would snap in two if it hit anything heavy.  I also feel as if her lips are a little too thick, something I will need to work with in the future.  Some criticism that I have received of the character is that her neck is too long and her nose is too short.  But still, I feel as if this is a definite improvement over the second, most likely due to the large amount of time it took to make.



What is a Utopia? What is a Dystopia? Compare Plato’s Utopia and More’s Utopia.

A Utopia by definition is an idealistic society where everything is perfect.  It is a place where everything has been designed by its architect to represent what they view as perfection, detailing the laws, the way that public life is ran and even in some cases how people socialise.  However, the problem with a Utopia is that the idea of ‘perfection’ is fairly subjective.  For the people who find the kind of Utopian society the Elite have created, there is the word Dystopia.  A Dystopia is a place in which nothing is ideal or perfect, where everything is in ruin.

Both Plato and More had an idea over their idealistic Utopia, both suggesting that a Communistic Utopia is in some ways perfect.  Communism is the concept of a society without Classes or Boarders.  Where all resources are shared equally to the people in the quantity that the people need.  It advocates for a lack of Private Property.

Both Plato and More have similar ideas over how their perfect Utopias should be ran.  To begin with, both the text on Plato’s Utopia and More’s Utopia talks about the ideas that made Plato and More conceptualise a Utopian Vision.  The text on More’s Utopia stated ‘Before long, it becomes clear that Raphael offers shrewd analysis of various communities around the globe – and that he finds most of them to be faulty in some way. Even Tudor England offers little in the form of civilization.’  What this is saying is that none of the societies that More visited were perfect.  The text goes on to explain the problems with the class system and how it punishes those which More saw as unworthy of the punishment, giving the example of a poor Thief steeling clothes and being punished for it.  On the other hand, rather than giving an example of ‘injustice’ the text on Plato’s Utopia instead talks about the idealistic rulers of a society by stating ‘He dreamed of a state that would be ruled by leaders who sought more than material gain.’ The idea is that the Lords and Kings of the time in which Plato crafted his idea only cared about themselves rather than those they ruled over.

In both texts, the writer describes the desires of Plato and More to control the way in which people view the world politically and socially.  The text on Plato’s Utopia states ‘Plato’s Republic introduces a city state defined by communism (the elimination of property and ‘selfish’ constraints such as the family) and common education – instilling of proper values through careful censorship’.  The Text explains further that “we must supervise the makers of tales; and if they make a fine tale, it must be approved, but if it’s not, it must be rejected”  By censoring the public view of the Country in which this brand of Communism is used, Plato could create a society where opposing ideas do not flourish, making public life ‘perfect’.  While Plato had more to say on how he would control public life socially, More instead focused on Religion.  The text on More’s Utopia states ‘In Utopia, one may practice any religion because, right or wrong, faith in some manner of God serves to unite the community. Only an atheist who does not fear judgement in the afterlife is ostracized from the Utopian community.’  The text explains how the society will be thought religious tolerance and that any religion will have a place in More’s Utopia aside from Atheism, the very belief that God doesn’t exist, since Atheists will not have a moral code to live by.

Where both Plato and More differ with the definition of Communism is their stance on the Class system.  Both advocate for some kind of class based system.  Plato’s classes refer to the different occupations of his society.  The ‘teachers, guardians, and laborers.’ since each occupation is seen as important to Plato’s perfect idea.  More on the other hand referred to the idea that the there will be only two classes, the public and the slaves.

Overall, while Plato and More had similar ideas over how society should be ran, their ideas differ in some ways.  They both focused on the idea that society should be ran by the collective rather than the individual.

Personally, a Communist society, while it seems idealistic focusing on the collective worth of people rather than the individual work of one person, I don’t like the limitations of the Communist system.  Say what you like about Democracy and how floored the system is, at least you can say what you like about Democracy since it is one of the main features of Democracy.  Also, say what you like about Capitalism, at least Capitalist system gives people something to strive for, where as Communism really forces you to take a role in society, not giving you the same incentive to strive further.

Statement of Intent

I am still a little unsure about what I plan on doing after the course.  The areas that I am thinking of focusing on are both Concept art and 3D modeling.  I am also unsure whether or not I would prefer to work in a large company or work independent.  Both 3D modeling and Concept art are fields in which I still need to do some work to improve in.  This will mean I need to practice working in programs such as Photoshop,  3DS Max and ZBrush.